Signs of the Times

Brewer Administration Reverses Napolitano Decision – Requests Abstinence Funding

The Arizona Department of Health Services announced it has applied for federal funding for abstinence until marriage education programs. This decision reverses former Governor Napolitano’s refusal last year to request available federal dollars funding several Arizona abstinence education programs. State abstinence education providers will provide the required matching funds. Abstinence education proponents including CAP, Arizona Catholic Conference, and Arizona Partners for Abstinence Education had requested Gov. Brewer reverse Gov. Napolitano’s decision. Thank you, Governor Brewer!

European States to Join Growing Durban II Boycott List

Several European countries were expected to announce on Friday that they will be joining Australia, Canada, Israel, Italy and the US in boycotting the Durban II conference on racism which opens in Geneva on Monday, over concerns with its anti-Israel, pro-Islam agenda. German officials indicated today that they will likely join the boycott list, while Britain, France and the Netherlands are also reported to be leaning that way. In addition, the Czech Republic  – which currently holds the rotating EU presidency – has indicated it may stay away as well to signal overall European dissatisfaction with the draft text being prepared for the UN gathering.

Led by such flagrant human rights abusers as Libya, Iran and Cuba, the preparatory committee was forced by the threat of an EU-wide boycott to abandon draft provisions in the conference communiqué that would have condemned Israel for its apartheid practices and “crimes against humanity,” while also shielding Islam from criticism by banning “defamation of religion.” Some countries are concerned that this objectionable language may make its way back into the final declaration. The current document is also problematic in that it reaffirms the Durban I declaration from 2001, which singled out Israel for censure as a “racist” state. It also now concludes with a reference to “foreign occupation,” seen as an implicit criticism of Israel.

Bipartisan Team Stunned by ‘Extremism’ Allegations

Members of both sides of the aisle in Congress are expressing outrage and seeking an investigation into a new Department of Homeland Security report on “extremism” that targets U.S. military veterans, opponents of abortion and supporters of other conservative causes. According to the Washington Times, Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., said he was “dumbfounded” that the report was, in fact, released. U.S. Rep Pete Hoekstra, R-Mich., was horrified at what he described as a “shoddy, unsubstantiated” document that was delivered to law enforcement across the nation. “This report appears to raise significant issues involving the privacy and civil liberties of many Americans – including war veterans,” Thompson told DHS chief Janet Napolitano in a letter.

  • The dark underbelly of the New World Order is showing itself a little prematurely

NIH Prohibits Stem Cells from Embryos Created for Science

The National Institutes of Health will fund human embryonic stem cell research on cells donated by fertility clinic patients, but won’t underwrite studies in which embryos are created solely for producing cloned cells for treatments, the federal agency said Friday. NIH also will not fund any cell research mixing human and animal embryonic cells, so-called “chimeras,” under the guidelines. Following a 30 day-comment period, the new guidelines would come into force on July 7, 2009.

  • Some limitation is better than none, but it still represents an ethical morass.
EPA to Rein in Fossil-Fuel Climate Threat
Capping years of work by U.S. government scientists, the Environmental Protection Agency on Friday declared that the heating of Earth’s climate from fossil-fuel use threatens human health and the environment. The decision paves the way for the EPA to order the nation’s first mandatory reductions of emissions believed to cause global warming, which likely means cars, power plants and factories could all face much tougher pollution limits. Congress is working on legislation that also would require emissions reductions. President Barack Obama and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said they would prefer using a new law, rather than EPA rules, to make the reductions and spur renewable energy.

Democrats praised the EPA’s conclusions while Republicans predicted they would destroy jobs and harm consumers. If passed, it would the first major environmental protection law in almost two decades. If Congress balks, the Obama administration has signaled a willingness to use decades-old clean air laws to impose tough new regulations for motor vehicles and many industrial plants to limit their release of climate-changing pollution.

  • Another excuse for more government regulation
IMF Warns over Parallels to Great Depression
The International Monetary Fund has warned of “worrisome parallels” between the current global crisis and the Great Depression, despite the unprecedented steps already taken by central banks and governments worldwide. This recession is likely to be “unusually long and severe, and the recovery sluggish,” said the Fund, releasing two advance chapters from its World Economic Outlook. However, it warned there is a risk that it could spiral down into a full-blown slump unless further action is taken to stop “feedback effects” gathering force.
  • The IMF is a key player in the New World (Dis)Order, so it has a vested interest in promoting “further action” which is code for socialism and one-world government

Regulators Shut Down 2 More Banks

Regulators on Friday shut down two more banks, boosting the number of failures this year to as many as in all of last year. The tally of 25 bank failures this year all but guarantees the number that fall into the arms of regulators will surpass what was seen in 2008. Last year’s total was more than in the previous five years combined and up from only three failures in 2007.

Stocks Extend Rally to 6 Weeks

Stocks ended another winning week, their sixth, with a modest advance Friday as earnings from Citigroup and General Electric came in ahead of the market’s meager expectations. However, the Dow is still down over 7% for the year and over 40% since its peak two years ago.

Obama Pledges ‘Equal Partnership’ in the Americas

Venturing into an unfamiliar region of the world, President Obama made a splash on a stage of leaders from across the Americas on Friday and promised to offer them a new style of U.S. politics: more pragmatism, less arrogance. “We have at times been disengaged, and at times we sought to dictate our terms,” the president told the heads of every democratic government across the Western Hemisphere. “But I pledge to you that we seek an equal partnership,” Obama said. “There is no senior partner and junior partner in our relations.” Such an idea — that the United States is equal, despite being keeper of the world’s most powerful military and leader of an economy that helps steer the globe — was telling. Obama’s drive to reshape the image of the United States as a humble, cooperative partner is perhaps his most significant mission in the Western Hemisphere.

  • Sounds good, but it’s all part of the New World (Dis)Order’s agenda to bring down the last remaining superpower.
North Korea: Sanctions a Declaration of War
North Korea said Saturday any sanctions or pressure applied against it following its rocket launch earlier this month will be considered a “declaration of war.” North Korea said Saturday any sanctions or pressure applied against it following its rocket launch earlier this month will be considered a “declaration of war.” In an announcement on state-run television, the country said it was ready to step up efforts to develop nuclear weapons and poised for a military response to any moves against it.

Iran Convicts U.S. Journalist of Spying

An Iranian court has convicted an American journalist of espionage and sentenced her to eight years in prison. That’s according to Roxana Saberi’s lawyer, Abdolsamad Khorramshahi. He told The Associated Press on Saturday that he’ll appeal the verdict. The American-Iranian citizen was arrested in January. The U.S. has called the charges baseless and demanded her release.

NATO Chases Down Pirates

Somali pirates attacked a tanker in the Gulf of Aden on Saturday, and NATO forces chased them down and ended up freeing 20 Yemeni fisherman the pirates were holding on another hijacked boat. A Dutch frigate from the NATO force spotted the pirates fleeing “on a small white skiff, which tried to evade and proceed toward a Yemeni-flagged fishing dhow” that had been sized by the pirates Sunday. The pirates were using the Yemeni vessel as a “mother ship,” a boat that allows the pirates’ tiny skiffs to operate far off the Somali coast.

Weather Signs

The mayor of a flood-threatened North Dakota town asked all residents to leave Friday after the sewer system backed up, flooding buildings in a four-block area with murky water. “We had a major main collapse in our sanitary sewer system. When it collapsed, the river came in and it overloaded the sewer system,” Mayor Mary Lee Nielson said. Nielson urged those of the town’s 7,000 residents who had not already cleared out to leave, but she stopped short of a mandatory evacuation. She said the sewer system would be temporarily rebuilt above the ground and the city will, for now, pump its sewage into the swollen Sheyenne River. The mayor said 222 portable toilets will be stationed around town.

Thunderstorms moved through North Texas on Friday while folks in West Texas were busy assessing the damage from hail damage the previous night. Hail was so heavy that a stretch of Interstate 27 between Lubbock and Amarillo was shut down so snowplows could clear the way. At least four tornadoes touched down in West Texas on Thursday.

More than a foot of wet, heavy snow closed highways and canceled flights in parts of Colorado and Wyoming on Friday, snarling traffic and forcing school closures and flight cancellations. More than a foot of wet, heavy snow closed highways and canceled flights in parts of Colorado and Wyoming on Friday, snarling traffic and forcing school closures and flight cancellations.

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