Christian ‘Fish’ Symbol Spawns Discrimination Claims

Two Virginia realtors have been taken to task by the state’s Fair Housing Board for using the Ichthys, or “Jesus fish,” and John 3:16 in their advertising. Allegedly, the person that made the complaint believes that it was illegal because it seemed to indicate that they were only soliciting Christian clients and, therefore, was tantamount to some form of discrimination. However, Dr. Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission points out the realtors see their business as their ministry. “In fact, they are self-identified as Christian ministers who support Christian missions, and they felt that it was important to advertise that — but they in no way discriminated against any potential client,” he adds.

School Officials Face Jail Time for Meal-Time Prayers

A principal and an athletic director are facing criminal charges for a lunch-time prayer. The two school officials are facing criminal charges for offering meal-time prayers at an appreciation dinner for adults who had helped with a school field house project. Principal Frank Lay and athletic director Robert Freeman are scheduled to go on trial next month on criminal contempt charges. If convicted, both are subject to fines and imprisonment. Matt Staver founder of Liberty Counsel, says “it is outrageous to punish a school official with potential jail time for simply praying.”

  • Christian persecution will continue on the upswing as the end-times roll on

Big Brother Britain Spies on Questionable Families

Great Britain plans to place 20,000 24-hour surveillance cameras in troubled homes in order to cut down on abuse and neglect. The British government said in late July that it will monitor the activities of thousands of “problem families” who have run afoul of social services officials. In addition, those same families will be subject to surprise inspections by government representatives. Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council tells OneNewsNow that “they are focusing on truancy, alcohol abuse, or reports of malnutrition, and parents will be monitored to make sure children go to bed on time, eat proper meals, and attend school.” Sprigg says that is chilling, and argues that what the government should challenge are the underlying causes of abuse, but not invade the privacy of homes. In all, there are 4.2million closed circuit TV cameras in Britain, one per every 14 people.

  • America’s spiritual parent, Britain, shows where the New World (Dis)Order will soon be taking our country – down the path of increased government intrusion and control

Homeschoolers Score Higher

A newly released study from the Home School Legal Defense Association shows that not only do homeschoolers incur expenses only 5 percent of what public schools spend on each student, they score nearly 40 points higher on standardized achievement tests. “These results validate the dedication of thousands of homeschool parents who are giving their children the best education possible,” said Michael Smith, president of the advocacy organization. The HSLDA said homeschooling in the United States already includes about 4 percent of the school-aged population and is growing at about 7 percent a year, now involving some two million children.

  • An additional benefit to homeschooling is removing our children from the secular humanism indoctrination centers also known as public schools.

Substantial Reduction’ in Tobacco Sales to Minors

Retail sales of tobacco products to people under 18 are at the lowest level they have been in many years, says a report being released today by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. The national rate of tobacco sales to minors for fiscal 2008 was 9.9%, compared with 16.3% in 2002 and 40.1% in 1997. The report also indicates that for the third year in a row, all 50 states and the District of Columbia are in compliance with the Synar Amendment, a federal regulation that aims to reduce young people’s access to tobacco by requiring states to implement laws and other programs that limit the sale of tobacco to minors. States that don’t comply with the law may face a 40% reduction in their Federal Substance Abuse and Prevention Treatment Block Grant funding, the report says.

Obama Law Tab up to $1.4 Million

President Obama may be using his political action committee funds to stomp out eligibility lawsuits brought by Americans, as he has paid more than $1.35 million to his top lawyer since the election. Obama for America, Obama’s 2008 political campaign, merged with the Democratic National Committee in January and is now known as Organizing for America. The grassroots army that some refer to as “Obama 2.0” is still collecting financial contributions. Federal Election Commission records for “Obama for America” show that the lobby organization has paid international law firm Perkins Coie exactly $1,352,378.95 since the 2008 election. In total, Obama has paid Perkins Coie, a single law firm, $2.3 million since he announced his campaign for presidency. Robert Bauer of Perkins Coie – top lawyer for Obama, Obama’s presidential campaign, the Democratic National Committee and Obama’s Organizing for America – is the same Washington, D.C., lawyer defending President Obama in lawsuits challenging his eligibility to be president

  • Except for the eligibility question, it’s hard to see why a sitting president would require so much legal work, especially when he has the Attorney General on staff

GOP Sidesteps Palin’s ‘Death Panel’ Comment

Republican governors said Monday that Americans are justifiably frightened by health care proposals but stopped short of embracing Sarah Palin‘s suggestion that President Obama would require the elderly and disabled to appear before a bureaucratic “death panel.” A provision in the plan passed by a House committee last month would allow Medicare to reimburse seniors who seek information and counseling on end-of-life issues. That provision has sparked a backlash among opponents, who suggest the plan would deny coverage to elderly or disabled people. Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue said the anger expressed at town hall meetings across the country was “democracy in action” and legitimately reflected the concerns many voters have about the health care plan. The House’s top two Democrats said Monday that some of the behavior of health care overhaul opponents, specifically drowning out opposing views, is “simply un-American.”

Religious Left backs Obama on Health Overhaul

Liberal religious groups announced Monday they are teaming up with President Obama in a national campaign to counter the surprisingly vehement conservative opposition to his plan for overhaul of the U.S. healthcare industry this year. Organized by liberal-leaning evangelicals, some mainline Protestant clergy, and some Catholic groups, it will include Obama participating in a call-in program with religious leaders streamed on the Internet on Aug. 19, prayer meetings and nationwide television ads. Anger fueled in part by Christian and conservative radio that healthcare would lead to taxpayer funded abortion and even euthanasia for the old, have incited much of the loudest and most dramatic reaction.

  • The liberal left is selling Christ down the drain and joining forces with the “progressive, tolerant” agenda of the New World (Dis)Order

School Nurses in Short Supply

If swine flu reappears in schools this fall, it’ll probably be a school nurse who first discovers it. But nationwide, the ratio of nurses to students falls short of the federally recommended standard, raising concerns that the shortage could undermine efforts to catch and control what could be a deadly flu season. In its 2007 survey, the National Association of School Nurses found the ratio was 1,151 students per nurse. In 13 states, the ratio is more than 2,000 to 1. The association recommends a 1-to-225 ratio for schools that require “daily professional school nursing services” and 1-to-125 in schools with “complex health care needs.”

Will Americans be Forced to take Flu Shots?

Alarmist language over possible outbreaks of swine flu as well as a series of moves by the federal government are fueling fears federal agents will soon be forcing citizens to be vaccinated – prompting one political party to launch a pre-emptive defense against any such effort. The Constitution Party, a fast-growing alternative to the dominant Democratic and Republican parties in many elections, has come out strongly in opposition to any “mandatory injections” of “potential toxic (H1N1) ‘swine flu’ vaccine.” Citing the Fourth Amendment, which says, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons … shall not be violated,” Constitution Party National Committee Chairman Jim Clymer said the issue isn’t that complex. “It comes down to the most fundamental of all freedoms. If government can force potentially dangerous substances into our bodies what, then, can’t government do to us?” he said.

House’s Global Warming Bill: $8B

It will cost nearly $8 billion over the next decade to pay for the expanded federal bureaucracy needed to combat global warming under a bill passed by the House of Representatives, a report by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office says. The budget office also found that the House bill would shrink the federal deficit in that 10-year period because it requires businesses to buy permits to emit global-warming pollution. That would add hundreds of billions of dollars to federal coffers. Critics of the House bill have seized on the increased size of government to try to stir opposition in the Senate, which is scheduled to consider its climate-change bill in the fall. Meanwhile, July 2009 was officially the coldest July on record in six U.S. states, and the second coldest in four others. However, for the world as a whole, July was the 2nd-warmest ever recorded.

  • More federal bureaucracy when it’s already overly bloated and stultified. But we know from experience that a federal bureaucracy will solve the problem, don’t we?

Soaring Deficit may Defy Forecasts

Stagnant unemployment, shrinking tax revenue and a struggling economy threaten to quadruple the size of last year’s federal budget deficit, raising more questions about the timing of costly proposals to overhaul health care. A fiscal year 2009 deficit of $1.8 trillion was anticipated by the White House, $1.7 trillion by Congress. Reaching that level would produce a deficit four times last year’s $459 billion deficit, just as Congress is considering health care overhaul plans that could cost $1 trillion over 10 years. While revenue continues to decline, government spending is rising as a result of the $787 billion economic stimulus plan passed six months ago. Stimulus spending will increase further The total current $11.7 trillion debt already equals about $38,500 for every U.S. resident.

  • We need to drastically shrink government or drown in debt

Economic News

The Labor Department said Tuesday that non-farm productivity rose at a 6.4% annual rate in the second quarter, much more than expected and the biggest gain since the third quarter 2003. The report said hours worked plunged at a 7.6% rate in the second quarter. And unit labor costs, a gauge of inflation and profit pressures closely watched by the Federal Reserve, fell 5.8%, biggest decline since the second quarter 2000. The productivity number shows that companies have taken advantage of their slimmed-down workforces by wringing more out of each employee.

Businesses slashed inventories at the wholesale level for a record 10th consecutive month in June, a decline that has contributed to the longest recession since World War II. The Commerce Department said Tuesday that wholesale inventories declined 1.7% in June. But in an encouraging sign, sales rose 0.4% for a second straight month, the first back-to-back increases in a year. The hope is that a rebound in sales will encourage businesses to switch from reducing their stockpiles to building up inventories to meet rising demand.

Despite signs the financial system has stabilized, banks remain threatened by billions of dollars of bad loans on their balance sheets, and more could fail if the economy worsens, a congressional watchdog panel says. Ten months into the federal rescue program, the troubled assets “remain a substantial danger to the financial system,” the report says.

Personal bankruptcies show no sign of abating after rising more than a third this year and may hit 1.4 million by Dec. 31 as jobs are lost and loans are harder to get, according to the American Bankruptcy Institute. More than 126,000 consumers filed for bankruptcy in the U.S. last month, 34% more than in July 2008. Steeply rising bankruptcy filings by consumers are hurting banks.

Iran Leaders Pave Way for Messianic ‘Mahdi’

Iran last week held a multi-day conference, bringing together politicians, mullahs, students – Shiite and Sunni alike – to plot what can be done on this earthly plane to hasten the coming of the anointed one, a messianic, endtimes personage known as the Mahdi. It wasn’t a conference covered by the western press. But Joel Richardson, author of the new book, “The Islamic Antichrist,” conducted interviews with participants of this year’s conference, as well as previous conferences, which have been held for the last five years – all in a bid to lay the groundwork for an apocalyptic vision of the day Muslims will rule the world. “For the past five years, the Iranian religious and political leaders have annually gathered together for two days in the city of Qom for what is called ‘The International Conference of Mahdism Doctrine,’ sponsored by the Bright Future Institute,” explains Richardson in a WorldNetDaily commentary. “The purpose of the Bright Future Institute is ‘to introduce Imam Mahdi to the world’ and ‘to pave the ground for his reappearance’ and as [President Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad stated at last year’s conference, ‘help bring all of humanity to the knowledge of the true savior of mankind, Imam al-Mahdi.'”

  • The devil has a counterfeit for everything

Pakistan’s Nuclear Facilities Vulnerable?

A military spokesman denied a recent report that militants have attacked Pakistan’s nuclear facilities three times in two years, saying Wednesday there is “absolutely no chance” the country’s atomic weapons could fall into terrorist hands. Taliban militants’ brief takeover of areas some 60 miles (100 kilometers) from the capital, Islamabad, raised new fears about the security of Pakistan’s atomic weapons being seized by extremists linked to al-Qaeda, although the country insists its arsenal is secure. Shaun Gregory, a professor at Bradford University’s Pakistan Security Research Unit, wrote that several militant attacks have already hit military bases where nuclear components are secretly stored.

5 Foreign Islamic Preachers Killed in Somalia

Masked gunmen killed five foreign Islamic preachers Wednesday outside a mosque in Somalia, witnesses said. The preachers are believed to be Pakistanis. It is not clear who is behind Wednesday’s killing. Somali militiamen rarely target religious preachers, known as Tabliq, who freely move around the overwhelmingly Muslim country. Somalia has been mired in anarchy and chaos for 18 years. Warlords overthrew longtime dictator Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991 and then turned on each other, plunging the country into a seemingly unending cycle of violence.

Death Toll Climbs in Islamic Attack in Nigeria

Compass Direct News reports that 12 Christians, including three pastors, have been confirmed killed in rioting ignited by an Islamic sect, but that number may rise. “We are still taking inventory of how the crisis affected our members, but so far we have confirmed some of the Christians killed and churches burnt,” Samuel Salifu, national secretary of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), told Compass. Rampaging members of the sect burned 20 churches before police captured and killed Boko Haram’s leader, Mohammed Yusuf. The chairman of the Borno state chapter of CAN, the Rev. Yuguda Zubabai Ndurvuwa, said many Christians abducted by Boku Haram extremists were yet to be found.


A powerful earthquake hit Tokyo and nearby areas shortly after dawn Tuesday, halting trains and forcing two nuclear reactors to shut down for safety checks. More than 30 people suffered minor injuries. The U.S. Geological Survey said another, unrelated quake with a 7.6 magnitude hit the Indian Ocean about 160 miles (257 kilometers) north of Port Blair in India’s Andaman Islands.


Although the wildfire season hasn’t produced any monster blazes this year in the southwest, it’s keeping firefighters hopping to contain smaller breakouts. “There are lots of fires – lots,” said Jim Payne, a spokesman for the U.S. Forest Service’s Southwest region.

Two wildfires on opposite ends of California prompted evacuations as a blaze in Shasta County closed in on a handful of homes and another in Santa Barbara County approached 14 ranches Tuesday afternoon. About 111 square miles of the Los Padres National Forest, mostly inaccessible backcountry, were closed


A massive landslide triggered by a deadly typhoon toppled at least six four-story apartment buildings at the foot of a mountain, burying an unknown number of residents in eastern China, a state news agency said Tuesday. Six people were pulled out alive, although one was in critical condition. Typhoon Morakot, which means emerald in Thai, forced the evacuation of 1.4 million people in eastern China after slamming Taiwan over the weekend with as much as 80 inches of rain. Taiwanese authorities put the confirmed death toll in Taiwan at 23, but that seemed certain to rise. Taiwan’s military has rescued about 300 people from a village wiped out by a mudslide triggered by Typhoon Morakot.

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