Adult Stem Cell Successes Go Unreported

The Culture and Media Institute believes the media is biased in favor of research on human embryos, but that there is scant coverage of successful work with adult stem cells. CMI’s Colleen Raezler says the media is playing upon emotions in its promotion of embryonic stem-cell research. “Reporter after reporter keeps touting the line that scientists believe that by turning embryonic stem cells into cells damaged by injury or disease, they can treat or even cure everything from spine cord injuries to Alzheimer’s disease to diabetes,” she notes. She contends the media fails to mention that such research has proven nothing and has been scientifically ineffective. “And they’re also ignoring the fact that adult stem-cell research has provided 73 different breakthroughs to help people with spinal cord injuries, with Alzheimer’s disease, with Parkinson’s, and with diabetes,” Raezler adds.

  • It is Satan’s (and, in turn, the New World (Dis)Order’s) agenda to attack all Godly righteousness and promote ungodly substitutes

Church Bell ‘Noise’ Under Attack

Three churches in Phoenix have brought a legal action against the city because one pastor already has been convicted and other churches are being threatened over the “noise” from their bells, some of which have rung out to the community for decades. The lawsuit has been filed by the Alliance Defense Fund on behalf of St. Mark Roman Catholic Parish, First Christian Church and Christ the King Liturgical Charismatic Church. The dispute focuses on the city ordinance that even city officials have conceded is vague, according to the lawsuit. Nevertheless, on the strength of neighbors’ complaints and the existing statute, one pastor already has been convicted and sentenced for violating the city ordinance with church bells. The complaint alleges others now also are threatened.

‘Tea Party’ Movement Takes Protest to Washington

Tea Party Patriots are storming the Potomac. The conservative activists who staged taxpayer tea parties last spring and packed town-hall-style meetings to rail against “Obama care” this summer plan to march here Saturday to protest what they call out-of-control government spending. Encouraged by conservative commentators such as Fox’s Glenn Beck and organized virtually on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites, the march will constitute “the largest gathering of fiscal conservatives ever,” says Adam Brandon of FreedomWorks. The advocacy group led by former House majority leader Dick Armey is planning the event, although other organizers say theirs is an unprompted movement.

“There is no leader. This is so incredibly organic and grass-roots,” says Mark Williams, a conservative talk show host who spoke from El Paso during a stop on the Tea Party Express, a 34-city, 7,000-mile bus tour that began in Sacramento Aug. 28 and ends here Saturday. FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe says “tens of thousands” will march. “They are opposed to President Obama’s multitrillion-dollar government takeover of health care, opposed to his massive tax on energy … and opposed to spending money we don’t have to bailing out homeowners and auto companies,” he says

Obama to Bottom-Line Healthcare to Congress

President Obama is scheduled to address a joint session of Congress Wednesday on the progress of health care reform, where he is expected to state his bottom-line position on the issue that has led to multimillion ad campaigns for and against and a summer full of public forums. Members of Congress have gotten an earful from those who oppose Obama’s call for a government-run alternative to private health insurance. In a speech Monday in Cincinnati, Obama reiterated some core principles of reform in which people wouldn’t lose health insurance if they lost their jobs, where there is a cap on out-of-pocket expenses and where people would not be denied coverage because of a pre-existing medical condition. And he made it clear that he still believes in the “government option.” “And I continue to believe that a public option within the basket of insurance choices would help improve quality and bring down costs,” he said.

  • More government equals more expense, more debt and more boondoggles

Poll: Americans Confused about Health Care

Nearly 7 in 10 adults polled by CBS News say they are confused about how healthcare reforms would work. Sixty percent of those surveyed said President Barack Obama has not explained his healthcare plans clearly, and 67 percent said they found the reform proposals confusing. Only 36 percent of respondents believe that the government would do a better job of providing healthcare insurance than would private insurers. Confusion over healthcare reform could explain why Americans are not eager to see it become law. When respondents in a Rasmussen Reports poll were asked if they would prefer passage of the healthcare bill now in the House or nothing at all this year, 54 percent chose nothing at all. Only 35 percent supported the bill, and 11 percent were unsure.

10,000 Working Parents to Lose Health Insurance

Nearly 10,000 working parents in Arizona will lose their health insurance this month in the wake of state budget cuts, leaving some families with nowhere to turn as they seek affordable coverage. KidsCare Parents, a program that provides low-income families with inexpensive insurance, will end Sept. 30. The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, which administers the program, could not pay the $6 million annual cost following cuts by the Legislature. The state faces a $3 billion budget shortfall. The move comes as demand for government assistance is skyrocketing. Arizona has lost an estimated 240,000 jobs since December 2007, and AHCCCS has added 150,000 people to its rolls since January.

‘Green Jobs Czar’ Van Jones Resigns

President Barack Obama’s “Green Jobs Czar” Van Jones quit late last night after pressure mounted over his extremist history first exposed in WorldNetDaily. The last straw for Jones was being caught on tape in an expletive-packed rant, directly attacking Republicans in the Senate who he said abused their majority position in the past to push legislation through. He admitted after the statements were released that the comments were “inappropriate” and “offensive.” Jones was also linked late last week to efforts suggesting a government role in the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

As one so-called White House czar resigned over the weekend, President Obama announced the appointment of another one Monday, much to the frustration of Republican critics. By some accounts, Obama has nearly 30 czars, who are officially called special advisers. The czars cover issues from AIDS and health care to Middle East peace. The positions are not subject to congressional oversight or Senate confirmation, which rankles critics of the administration. Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tennessee, said that number is an “affront to the Constitution.” Alexander said the lack of oversight is adding “fuel to the fire by those who think Washington is taking over everything.”

  • Obama has a dictator mentality and will do all he can to thwart or sidestep the balance of power established by our Constitution

More California Woes

Crews were cleaning up mud and broken asphalt Sunday after a deluge from a burst water main swept cars down streets, forced people out of their homes and flooded a section of a major Los Angeles boulevard. A section of Ventura Boulevard in Studio City would be closed for at least two days. No injuries were reported after the 64-inch main broke late Saturday night, but firefighters rescued a person who was in a car that had been swept away in the flooding.

Transit crews scrambled to repair an unexpected crack in the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and finish a long-planned seismic upgrade with just a day to go before the crush of morning commuters. The 73-year-old structure that carries about 260,000 vehicles a day between the two sides of the bay remained closed for a fourth day on Monday. The bridge was shut down Thursday night so a section of the eastern span could be cut out and replaced with a new double deck section. California transportation workers used the closure as an opportunity to inspect the bridge from top to bottom, and they discovered the crack in the link on Saturday. Tens of thousands of people got a reprieve on their Tuesday commutes when the bridge reopened after being closed for emergency repairs.

Poverty Formula would Double Number of Poor, Elderly Americans

Nearly 20% of Americans over 65 would be considered poor if the government updates the way it calculates poverty, which hasn’t considered medical costs, regional variations and other factors since its creation in 1955. Currently, the poverty rate for that age group is 9.7%, or 3.6 million people. If the government adopts a revised formula by the National Academy of Sciences, that figure would jump to 18.6% — 6.8 million people, the Associated Press is reporting. Using the new formula, the Census Bureau calculated that the overall official poverty rate would rise, to roughly 15.3% from 12.5%. That works out to about 45.7 million Americans. Changing the formula would affect how billions of dollars in federal aid are directed and spent. Cities with higher costs of living, such as New York, Chicago and San Francisco, would see higher poverty rates, while more rural areas in the Midwest and South might see declines.

Homeless Help Spread the News

Hundreds of homeless people are out on the streets to hawk The Contributor, and other monthly newspapers written and sold by the homeless and formerly homeless. They are part of a national movement that is turning some homeless and once-homeless into micro-business people. The Contributor is one of 25 street newspapers in 19 U.S. and Canadian cities, according to Andy Freeze, executive director of the North American Street Newspaper Association in Washington. Some are weekly, some are monthly and some are quarterly. In Nashville, the vendors receive 15 free copies at first, pay 25 cents for each one after that and sell them for a dollar. In Seattle, Real Change News has a circulation of 70,000 a month, and the Denver Voice jumped from 9,800 a year ago to about 15,000. At the Chicago weekly StreetWise, sales are running about 8,000 a week — up from 6,500 in April.

States Refuse $5B emergency fund

Many states are walking away from a $5 billion federal fund that some economists say is a swift and effective way to help people hurt by the recession and stimulate the economy. The states say they can’t collect their share of the emergency fund for needy families because they can’t afford to put up the 20% of costs required by the federal government. Six months after the money was made available under the $787 billion federal stimulus program, only 27 states have applied for funds. As a result, as much as $1 billion could be left on the table when the program ends in September 2010.

Economic News

Recently a new report to Congress warned the government’s maximum exposure on the financial sector bailouts could total nearly $24 trillion. That’s $80,000 for every American! The figures are part of a tough new quarterly report from special inspector general Neil Barofsky. He accused the Treasury Department of repeatedly failing to adopt recommendations aimed at making the government financial rescue effort more accountable and transparent.

They were left out of the latest unemployment rate, as they are every month: millions of hidden casualties of the Great Recession who are not counted in the rate because they have stopped looking for work. Some have halted their job searches out of sheer frustration. Others have decided it makes more sense to become stay-at-home fathers or mothers, or to go back to school, until the job market improves. Still others have chosen to retire for now and have begun collecting Social Security or disability benefits, for which claims have surged.

Regulators on Friday shut down banks in Missouri, Illinois, Iowa and Arizona, pushing to 89 the number of banks that have failed this year under the weight of the soured economy and rising loan defaults. Hundreds more banks are expected to fail in the next few years largely because of souring loans for commercial real estate. The number of banks on the FDIC’s confidential “problem list” jumped to 416 at the end of June from 305 in the first quarter. That’s the highest number since June 1994, during the savings-and-loan crisis.

35 mil­lion Amer­i­cans are receiving food stamps. This is 10 per­cent of our pop­u­la­tion. The number of recip­i­ents rose by 700,000 in May, which is 22 per­cent higher than last year.

‘Soft’ Targets More Vulnerable for Terrorism

Terrorists are aiming for hotels and other easier-to-hit targets as security measures at military and government facilities continue to improve, says a global intelligence company. Al-Qaeda is changing from a centralized organization with global goals to regional “franchises” with more parochial aims and strong grass-roots support, according to a report Tuesday from STRATFOR. These smaller cells get less training and less money, so they set their sights lower. According to STRATFOR, the number of attacks on hotels has more than doubled since the 9/11 attacks in 2001 when compared with the eight years before. Injuries and deaths caused by those attacks have increased six times over the same comparison period. A hotel is the ultimate soft target for Islamic extremists: a fixed location, lots of human traffic and shallow security perimeters. Hotels also attract many Westerners, giving militants high probabilities of killing or injuring large numbers of them in a single attack, according to the report.

100,000 Gaza Children Train In Hamas Camps

One Jerusalem reports that over 100,000 children from Gaza received military training in 700 Hamas camps under the slogan  ‘Victory for Gaza – The Glory of Jerusalem.” The children received militarized training and indoctrination in radical Islam. Part of the agenda included instruction about the lives or martyrs — in other words terrorists. This massive operation costs millions of dollars. There is no doubt that some the assistance sent to Gaza by American and European taxpayers helped finance this indoctrination training. Despite a stream of similar stories the United States and the European Union keep pressuring Israel to make concessions so that a Palestinian State can be created – a state populated by killers intent on destroying the State of Israel.

  • One wonders why the mainstream media has not reported on this matter. This is not a small story. This is further proof that another generation of Palestinians is being trained to destroy the State of Israel.


A Swedish charity accused American troops Monday of storming through a hospital in central Afghanistan, breaking down doors and tying up staff in a search for militants. The U.S. military said it was investigating. The allegation that soldiers violated the neutrality of a medical facility follows the reported deaths of Afghan civilians in a U.S. airstrike in the country’s north last week. An Afghan human rights group said Monday the strike on two hijacked fuel tankers may have killed as many as 70 civilians in Kunduz province. Civilian deaths and intrusive searches have bred resentment among the Afghan population nearly eight years after the U.S.-led coalition invaded to oust the Taliban’s hard-line Islamist regime for sheltering al-Qaeda terrorist leaders.

The airstrike by U.S. fighter jets that appears to have killed Afghan civilians could turn into a major dispute for NATO allies Germany and the United States, with tensions rising over Germany’s role in ordering the attack. Afghan and NATO investigations are just beginning, but both German and U.S. officials already appeared to be trying to deflect blame. German Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung said the Taliban’s possession of the two tankers “posed an acute threat to our soldiers.” German officials have said the tankers might have been used as suicide bombs. German troops in Afghanistan have long been criticized for avoiding combat operations, even as militants have increasingly infiltrated northern Afghanistan the last year, destabilizing the once-peaceful region.

With results in from almost 92% of the country’s polling sites, President Hamid Karzai surpassed for the first time the 50% threshold needed to avoid a run-off in Afghanistan‘s presidential election, according to preliminary results released Tuesday, but with fraud allegations rising, a U.N.-backed commission ordered a re-count of tainted ballots. The chief electoral officer of the Afghan-run Independent Election Commission, Daoud Ali Najafi, said that recounting votes could take “two or three months,” meaning the already over-extended election is likely far from over. But doubts are growing about the credibility of the election, seen as critical to the Western-backed efforts to stabilize Afghanistan and win public support for the fight against the Taliban insurgency. Afghanistan’s Electoral Complaints Commission has ordered a partial recount of the ballots in the August 20 presidential election because of evidence of fraud. The ECC has received more than 2,000 complaints since the election.

Nuclear ‘Stalemate’ with Iran

The U.N.nuclear watchdog is locked in a “stalemate” with Iran over the country’s suspect nuclear program, the agency’s chief said Monday, pressing Tehran to answer lingering questions about its atomic ambitions. In a statement to the 35-nation board of the International Atomic Energy Agency— which is taking a hard new look at Iran and Syria this week —Mohamed ElBaradei urged the Islamic Republic to “substantively re-engage” with the international community. This week’s meeting in Vienna, and the upcoming U.N. General Assembly, could set the stage for a toughening of sanctions against Iran for its continued defiance of Western demands that it suspend uranium enrichment. Tehran already has defied three sets of U.N. Security Council sanctions. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Monday Iran will neither halt uranium enrichment nor negotiate over its nuclear rights.

  • So what in the world makes anyone think Iran will ever comply?


Suicide attackers struck near a Shiite mosque north of Baghdad and a checkpoint west of the capital on Monday as bombings killed at least 17 people nationwide. The violence was concentrated in former Sunni insurgent strongholds that have seen a sharp decline in violence after local tribal leaders turned against al-Qaeda in Iraq. Despite the relative calm, a series of deadly bombings have raised concerns about a resurgence of violence as the U.S. military scales back its presence, with a full withdrawal planned by the end of 2011.

Roadside bombs killed four U.S. soldiers Tuesday in separate incidents in Iraq, the military said, in one of the most deadly days for American troops in weeks. The deaths come after a relatively quiet August for the U.S. military, when seven troops died in what was the least-deadly month since the invasion began. The death raises to at least 4,343 the number of members of the U.S. military who have died in the Iraq war since it began in March 2003.


The western flank of the deadly wildfire north of Los Angeles was under control over the weekend, sparing foothill communities further threat as it burned east into a large wilderness area. Investigators, meanwhile, were trying to determine who ignited the blaze that killed two firefighters, destroyed at least 76 homes and burned nearly 242 square miles of the Angeles National Forest. Sheriff’s detectives opened a homicide investigation after the fire was ruled arson earlier this week, and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has offered $100,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the culprit.

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