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2017 Presidential Election

October 25, 2016

Donald Trump will not win the Presidential election for two reasons:

  1. The New World Order won’t allow it.
    1. The globalists will do anything and everything in their power to prevent Trump from winning – from planting lies, to controlling the liberal media, even to assassination
    2. President Obama as well as the Bushes and Clintons have been backed and controlled by the global elite, but not Trump
  2. God won’t interfere because he is allowing His prophecies to be fulfilled
    1. Revelation 13 says the one-world government being set up by Satan will happen despite all the prayers of the saints
    2. In fact, Revelation 13:7 says the anti-Christ (beast) will overcome the saints
    3. All of this to fulfill Daniel’s prophecy (8:23) that sin must reach its fullness and usher in the anti-Christ before the Lord Jesus returns to take possession of His Kingdom